Today, amateur singers find a solution to their training needs in the Athens Vive singing school, which was born as part of the Afro-Atena Integration, Intervention and Socio-Cultural Transformation Project.

According to Rafael Somavilla, Soloist-Vocalist of the Company Comercializadora de la Música y los Espectáculos, endorsed by the Instituto Nacional de la Música, Osiel García Espinosa, creator of the school, offers classes of solfege, scenic development and repertoire with the purpose of forming in the artists an integral preparation in the matter.

“Our city needed a project like this. The fans did not have an institution to prepare them to face a stage. This school was conceived to help them in their preparation so that they could become professionals,” he said.

The course does not have a defined duration. Its extension depends on the artists’ ability to grasp the knowledge provided.

Magela Quintero Pérez, an elementary level piano graduate, and the school’s founder, are the teachers in charge of giving the classes. Both professionals of Matanzas culture are endorsed by the Cuban Institute of Music and Turarte.

The students perform in the cultural spaces of the municipality and the province, in different centers such as the UNEAC Social House and the headquarters of the Hermanos Saíz Association. They usually act in conjunction with various community projects, and perform on the last Saturday of each month at the school’s headquarters.

Miroelkis Matos Martínez, a member of the project, acknowledges that “the school has made it possible for me to improve the performance of the themes, because the exercises that are done in the classes allow me to expand the vocal register and the projection of the voice.

The school has an enrollment of 25 students and accepts students from all over the country. Those interested in joining the classrooms should go to the project’s headquarters at the Cultural Management Center for Development in the Pueblo Nuevo neighborhood (Callejón de las Tradiciones), in the city of Matanzas.


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