Joven Club de Computación y Electrónica (JCCE) at the Cultural Management Center for Development Villanueva, headquarters of the Project for Integration, Intervention and Afro-Atena Socio-Cultural Transformation, in the neighborhood of Pueblo Nuevo, in the capital of Yumuria.

The classroom has six computers and the first part of the agreement covers offline services such as machine time, the Cuban weekly package Mi Mochila, the copy of antivirus and training, among others.

According to Yoelkis Torres, director of AfroAtenAs, in the future there are plans to connect to the Internet and install wifi, a service that would benefit the 25,000 inhabitants of the area.

The goal is to provide services and products related to information technology, communications and electronics to promote computer culture in the People’s Council.

The inauguration was attended by Osvaldo Martínez García, general director of the Computer and Electronics Youth Club, as well as its board of directors, and the community and representatives of cooperating agencies of the project.

The JCCE emerged on September 8, 1987 at the initiative of Commander in Chief Fidel Castro Ruz as a network of technology centers, with the aim of contributing to the socialization and computerization of Cuban society.

Today there are more than 600 such facilities in Cuba that also allow users to deploy personal projects, exercise knowledge with some computer tool and develop skills. (Radio 26)

To computerize the society eliminating gaps in the access to information technologies and communications is one of the goals we want to achieve, the support of friends CANADA FCIL brings not only this service to the neighborhood, but also to the Franklin Gomez de la Fuente Educational Institution where children, adolescents and young people with other skills will have access to their teachers increasing their level of learning, a classroom that has been enabled with equipment and has been arranged from the participation of visual artists like Alexis Plasencia who encouraged the space.

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