The project On the Wings of a Hummingbird is a community, institutional and educational experience that supports the project of integration, intervention and socio-cultural transformation of Afro-Athens in the neighborhood of Pueblo Nuevo.

AfroAtenAs develops, as part of the training and cultural intervention actions in the neo-population neighborhood, a novel project that involves a work program with the children, youth and adolescents of the Franklin Gómez de la Fuente special education school. The main focus of this integration is directed to the treatment of key subjects for the overcoming and the ways of assimilation of knowledge in children with mental disabilities and other medical pathologies.

The main function of these hummingbird wings that flutter with impulse and hope in this center, becomes to provide these kids with the necessary tools for their future development and inclusion in the social environment.

A work program directed to these disabled and mentally ill children is also carried out with tasks aimed at the physical-motor development of the students and their spiritual overcoming, both in the order of intellect and in their activation and inclusion in the activities of the family.

To achieve this integration, the project also includes the work of parents and relatives of the child with a disability, where, through the results of practical diagnoses and action-participation, a series of indicators are obtained that are worked on and attended to by the teaching staff.

Yoelkis Torres Tápanes, director of the project AfroAtenAs, in the neighborhood of Pueblo Nuevo, expressed that this work fulfills the demands of the provincial Direction of Education of Matanzas in its fight for the improvement inside the educational institution and that this school, nowadays, is one of the first matanceros centers in experiencing this educational improvement.

Torres Tápanes also explained that they take into account marked objectives, among them the collaboration of the students of third year of the career Sociocultural Management for the development, of the University of Matanzas. The members of the management and coordination group of the AfroAten Project are working in this same order, and are currently working on the design of strategies to improve the functioning and perfection of the skills of these children.

They are also working on the physical and environmental improvement of the educational institution, located on San Juan de Dios Street, in the Pueblo Nuevo neighborhood, in the city of Yumurina. In this case the action was planned with artists of the plastic arts and art instructors. This school is nourished by cultural presentations in all manifestations.

At the moment, the artist of the plastic matancera Roberto Braulio carries out a beautiful work next to these children and he will present it in the next Biennial of Havana, achieving an impact, not only in the national sphere, but also outside the Cuban context.

Wings of a Hummingbird is an example these days of the struggle of our institutions for a culture of peace, free of stigma, discrimination or any kind of differentiation or violence and its campaigns, which have been taking place for more than five years all over the Island.


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