By: Yuni Moliner

If a woman, after being a victim of violence by her partner, goes to the competent authorities but has to return to that space and live with the perpetrator, the cycle of violence will never be broken.

In my short life as a quasi-jurist I have witnessed criminal proceedings for threats (article 284.1) and injuries (article 272.1). Although I could not give an exact statistic, I am almost sure that when there is not a timely response to these types of criminal proceedings many end up in femicide.

Creating temporary shelters in Cuba to accommodate these women and their descendants, offering them legal, psychological, and social counseling there would help break this cycle of violence.

In this regard, I believe that the Women’s and Family Orientation Centers of the Federation of Cuban Women, legal entities and other government institutions should strengthen their role in this area.

The measures of distancing resulting from the Covid-19 increased gender violence and dragged vulnerable people into situations of violence.

The universal abuse of women in times of coronavirus has reached such a point that Antonio Gutiérrez, UN Secretary General, should have officially condemned the upsurge in gender violence that is being experienced worldwide, amidst the measures of social isolation caused by the pandemic.
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