During these months I was working all the time in a Catholic church, on alternate days. My isolation was moderate and with protection, because I must take care of my partner who, despite being younger, has his sufferings.

My living conditions are normal, we both work and this helped me to assume the quarantine period well. We resolved as we could and within the possibilities we had.

Here I had very good neighbors who shared the few things we had.

The pandemic has affected the economy of the people and the country. On an individual level I have done nothing different than I did before this situation. I have made a foray into music, which is one of my hobbies, taking care of our two dogs, planting plants that can help us in the kitchen, and distributing the roles in the house with my partner.

I aspire to strengthen my business as a self-employed person, to become more empowered. I am a woman, black, lesbian and nothing will stop me. I always walk with my head held high.

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