I agree when it is said that black women have shown resistance, that is in the nature of the black, as a foundation. But I would like to say that we have to achieve more with social representation, where black women are well represented not only culturally or in sports, because black people are always associated with these sectors. When there is some black person triumphing in other areas, it is not always visible in the same way as if it were white. It’s important to recognize what black people are capable of, what they think, what they feel, what they study, because they can’t always be seen as the uneducated, the ones who don’t deserve to occupy a place, a space and defend it. Because we feel, we suffer, we are in solidarity, we love.

The change must start from ourselves, in the way we believe we can, in the way we can say what we feel. We have to eradicate all those racial complexes that stop us from accessing opportunities. For example, some colleagues tell me that they do not attend the Fundación Nicolás Guillén spaces in Morón because it is a place for white people, and yet it is not like that. I have brought them here and they have convinced themselves that there are valuable things to be done there. In the space of the Foundation I know what I believe in, who I am, what I say, and I am respected, my dear, I have the opportunity to contribute, we share ideas, thoughts and we do everything that needs to be done. That is my home, without that I cannot live.

Lesson learned during the pandemic: life changes you in a second, it made us aware of the need to respect measures for the individual good, but also for the rest; we also had to go out, buy, stand in lines, but in general it was a life lesson, of what union is, of what responsibility, solidarity, humanism is, because the Cuban is a unique race and even though we always protest or disagree with certain things, we always step forward and adjust things. If we had to reduce spending on things, they were reduced; if we had to remove a snack, it was removed; if we had to make things a bit more watery, it was done. These were lessons that taught us that we have everything to change society and have a better future.

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