When a woman has had sustained and prolonged exposure to gender-based violence within her own home, she needs to break the cycle of violence. There is no salvation or healing if that cycle is not broken, and the only way to do that is to leave the environment where she lives with her abuser. A family support network can work, but in cases where the abuser becomes physically violent, there is a possibility that the woman, her children, and those who help her will be hurt. In the face of this hypothetical (but frequent) reality, whether this network exists or not, the most effective solution is a shelter or temporary refuge. . Shelters for women in situations of violence . Experiences for Cuba✍️ Mariana CamejoIn collaboration with YoSíTeCreo at Cuba🤝. This work is done to systematize concepts and experiences that serve as a reference in Cuba, where there are no temporary shelters for women.


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