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With a video that in just a few days has already reached more than 60 thousand views on Facebook, the Afro-Caribbean project joined #JerusalemaChallenge this week with a message that combines the fight against violence against women and girls, and the demand for an inclusive Family Code, among other rights of LGBTIQ+ people in the country.

Members of other cultural institutions and the community participated in the initiative, convened by MsC. Yoelkis Torres Tapanes, general coordinator of Afroatenas, a socio-cultural project aimed at promoting equity, development and the creation of knowledge and social skills.

Among the motivations for making this video, Yoelkis says that it was to include this song, which has gone viral on the networks, so that it would be part of the campaign they have been developing since May of this year with the slogan “All rights for all people,” although it actually began in 2018. “This audiovisual was an opportunity to reach many people through social networks with this challenge, which proved to be very effective during the quarantine,” he explains.

He assures that the projects that joined this initiative are part of the experiences of articulation that they have had in Matanzas. “They are groups with which we have been working from the culture the topics of social activism and socio-cultural formation”, he explains.

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For Haldem López Barreras, director of the Academia Inclusiva Ballet Español Donaire, participating in this world challenge was a great experience because it has had a positive impact not only on the community of mothers and fathers but also on the community where the academy is located at this moment.

“It has been very satisfying to see the impact that the video has had on social networks, this means not only that the video likes but also that the message is radiating, that the messages are reaching more community which is what we really want: equality, equity, love, peace among all nations and among all human beings.

According to Annia Arbolaez, general coordinator of the project For the Love of My Roots, this action was very important at the social level because it brought together many people of different ages and interests who also needed to feel part of the social processes through which humanity is passing.

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“In the times in which we are living together, with a pandemic that has hit the whole world, I think that this video, and the topic specifically, has come to bring together populations, people who have basically the same interests, or maybe different interests but who converge on the same point which is to unite nations, thoughts”.

He believes that the impact has been very favorable for the matancer society, for the children, adolescents, young people and adults who participated because they had the possibility of saying “I do”, “I do want to be part of it”. She assures that they have “friends and family who tell us about the good vibe that comes to them with the video and the support that they intend to give to our cause and the reasons we had to develop this material.

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