Initiative: The marrow of Cuba

It is a community project led by artists from Guantanamo. Its main objective is to save the Guaso River from pollution, through art (mainly plastic arts, dance, hip hop and photography). They changed the conventional scenarios for the landfills that surround the contaminated flow. There they perform, almost daily, a performance to make the environmental problems visible.

Do you know what actions they developed during COVID-19?

Before the COVID-19, La médula has been very active in social networks sharing messages to “save us through art”, starting from the care of nature. They have more than 40 audiovisual products made on a voluntary basis: video clips, promotional capsules, etc. They are working on the production of a hip hop album.

What do they need for their future development?

To continue developing their actions they need support with technological infrastructure (computer, cameras, equipment for audiovisual and musical production); they dream of being able to create Tocororo Studios.

Look for us in facebook as:

Akokán Project

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