Alley of traditions

The Callejón de las Tradiciones is a community experience that emerged in 2011 within what was a large garbage dump that occupied 7 blocks and continues to directly affect the health, the environment and the coexistence of the people in the neighborhood where it is located.

Managed from the population itself with the demands of multiple diagnoses carried out continuously and up to the present time, it was positioned in 2013 as the First Community Tourist Product of the city linked to the Rumba and the African antecedent that forms it and in the year itself it is defined as a methodological reference project for the strategies it applies.

Working in stages, he tries to solve the existing problems in his community, objectives that can be seen from the strengthening of the sense of belonging of the men and women residing in the district 34 of the Popular Council of Pueblo Nuevo and revitalization and neighborhood updating of his interventions. community


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