Athenaeum of the Rumba

Municipal Initiative for Local Development Ateneo de la Rumba

Proposal generated by the AfroAtenAs Project in 2013, presented to the local government as an option for the local development of the Pueblo Nuevo neighborhood from different cultural processes that integrate multiple sectors and policies of the Cuban state for the benefit of vulnerable populations, the heritage , community work and local culture towards a more just and equitable society.

General objective

Promote from the Municipal Initiatives of Local Development different spaces for the enjoyment of different cultural elements, specifically in the Pueblo Nuevo neighborhood from an integral development perspective.

Specific objectives

  • Create a unique space for the Rumba as Cultural Heritage of the Cuban Nation.
  • Develop Academic Workshops on dance, song and folk percussion for the approval of the province of Matanzas.
  • Establish new tourist services and / or products with a community and institutional perspective. (Alley of Traditions Project)
  • To develop in the Popular Council of Pueblo Nuevo a series of spaces that promote from the culture the formation of values ​​and the growth of a quality of life in the neighboring population.
  • Conserve from the income generated the material and intangible cultural heritage of the city with actions directed and articulated from the Office of the Conservator of the city.


  • Singing, Dance and Folk Percussion Workshops.
  • Various Recreational and Cultural Spaces.
  • Library.
  • Leasing of premises.
  • Specialized tours of the city and the province. Community Cultural Tourism – Alley of Traditions.
  • Organization, management and promotion of corporate and social events.
  • Capacity building for social groups.
  • Artistic promotion brigades.
  • Audio and lights rental for shows or social and institutional events.
  • Bike rides and boats on the San Juan river.
  • Internet browsing.
  • Sale of the production of organopónicos.
  • Art fair.
  • Rooms for rent.

Expected results

  • Establish a star product from the history and intangible heritage of the province.
  • Develop new employment opportunities and academic and professional potential.
  • New services from the expressions of our Traditional Popular Culture.
  • Provide comprehensive development in and for the Popular Council of Pueblo Nuevo.
  • Promote investments for culture from foreign cooperation.


Guide, promote and protect cultural heritage, contribute to the safeguarding and revitalization of the cultural heritage inherited in Matanzas, with the creation of new cultural spaces that strengthen our identity, the formation of cultural ethical values ​​due to our Afro-Caribbean origin and maintain the incentive of our roots in the promotion, practice and exchange of the traditions that belong to our Traditional Popular Culture.


Promote cultural feedback and the social life of the city in which it is framed, but beyond that concept it hopes to achieve the continuous promotion of values ​​in favor of our identity, the preservation of cultural heritage and a strengthening of community work such as ways to satisfy the spiritual, economic and social needs of the Matanzas population.

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