Athens lives

From the intention of promoting the movement of amateur artists in the city and from the articulation with different local actors, national vocal projects, professional artists and other interested parties.

The artist Osiel García Espinosa from the catalog of excellence of the Music and Entertainment Company Rafael Somavilla, together with the AfroAtenAs Project, joined the interests in creating the Athens Vive Community Vocal Training Experience.

Charting objectives such as:

  1. Train people with a Vocation for the Singing and Dance manifestations and achieve from each of them an Artistic Product of qualitative value, from the imprint of its members to their training in the classes that will be taught.
  2. Achieve a quality Artistic talent based on different goals and cultural policies of the province, responding to the different presentations that are made in the Cultural Houses and Cultural Centers of the Province and Municipalities of Matanzas.

Classes taught:

  • Music theory
  • Appreciation.
  • Scenic displacement
  • Formation of repertoires
  • Popular dances for stage performance.
  • Cuban and foreign musical genres.
  • Cuban composers
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