The Warehouse


The Warehouse began to develop its first actions in 2011 independently, embodying the concept of generating a space that fostered the exchange of artistic culture in an international context of creative innovation from the audiovisual.

In 2015 and until 2016, the Pedro Esquerré Art Gallery was based, where it began to produce multiple audiovisuals and high-impact activities with the most representative folk groups in the country that came to the city.

Due to the level of the productions, he licensed with MUSIC WORKS NYC STUDIOS and SONY his first Musical Album, certifying from that moment the high professional level and quality of the products that were beginning to be generated.

In 2016, it was incorporated into the AfroAtenAs conception due to the multiple common objectives that they have in function of the preservation of the Intangible Cultural Heritage and the promotion of the Matanzas culture, developing from that moment a portfolio of work actions that have been offering results such as :

Cuba Disco 2018 Special Award with the Ilu Keke Musical Album.

Nomination Cuba Disco 2019 with the musical documentary series #musicacotidiana

So far, about 100 audiovisual materials have been produced, of which you can find at least 60 on the YouTube channel.

1 musical album.

Production of the International Festival of Rumba: El Rumbazo of the Cuban Institute of Music.

At least 50 annual live music productions from 2015 to 2019.

  • Mission

Spread Cuban musical art, complying with the due international rights of authorship through intangible and material means.

  • Vision

Catalog, safeguard and promote the musical and heritage production of established and emerging artists through audiovisual material.

General objectives:

  • Promote artistic encounters and exchanges with music and plastic arts professionals in Cuba in all their genres, for which AfroAtenAs and El Almacén constitute the vehicle for its dissemination and cultural appreciation at the national and international level.
  • Empower a new cultural space in the Callejón de las Tradiciones that serves as a meeting place and dissemination of our music and art, dedicated to our young people from the promotion of cultural and civic values. – ART LABORATORY- which in turn would become the 1st Dark Chamber for the treatment of disability from ICT.
  • Reach the first record label in the city of Matanzas.
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