Zero Violence


  • Promote local work that is in favor of the gradual elimination of gender violence in Matanzas society, through the articulation of actors that promote a more just and equitable society from a culture of peace and spaces free of stigma, discrimination or any type of violence.


  1. Develop workshops, conferences, meetings and collective debates for the training of actors, community leaders, institutions, organizations, educational centers, local government and the community in general, in pursuit of a culture of peace through the cultural development of spaces or vulnerable areas in the city of Matanzas.
  2. Implement in multiple local spaces, the media, social networks and other forms of promotion and socialization a Campaign towards ZERO VIOLENCE from methodologies, group work, social activists and designers that articulately and from national and international policies will support proposals in favor of a Culture of Peace and totally inclusive zones in the city of Matanzas with possible national reach.
  3. Deploy and carry out activities, projects, experiences and / or cultural spaces in the city of Matanzas as means of inclusion and educational training and interaction aimed at the general community with priority to vulnerable groups and to institutions or base organizations that can generalize the change.
  4. Make the CUBA MAP for ZERO VIOLENCE with all the spaces in the country that attend cases of gender violence or any of its other modalities in multiple ways.
  5. Carry out local investigations for the best attention to cases of violence in our city of Matanzas.
  6. Create and / or support spaces for specialized attention to violence in the city of Matanzas.

General telephone numbers or local spaces that you can call or reach for help or information in case of violence.

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